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Welcome to FMF

The Freiburg Materials Research Center is a central research institute of the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg, which has been successfully doing interdisciplinary basic research as well as specific third-party research in the field of new materials and materials-related technologies since 1990.

The FMF is an interdisciplinary platform of the six faculties

Our task is to solve problems by selectively changing the electrical, magnetic, thermal, chemical and optical properties of organic and inorganic materials.

Our work leads to innovations in the areas of functional inorganic materials, polymeric materials, medical diagnosis (FM&M), biofunctional materials, bionics, energy technology (solar etc.), nanotechnology and microsystems technology.

All these groups take advantage of the most modern methods developed and applied by the FMF Service Groups. .

We think the unthinkable
and make the impossible possible!


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