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Science Days for children at Europa Park 2023

For the first time again to Corona in presence...

...we are there!

Energy - Current - Conductivity

From the potato battery to the application

Whether in a smartphone, a remote control or a hearing aid - none of this would be possible without batteries. But how does a battery actually work? What materials are needed and what do we have to pay attention to in order to generate a current? Can we even build a battery with vegetables and use it to make a light source glow? We want to answer all these questions and more with you and test together what potential vegetables have. So come along and build your own potato battery.

Tower of Rust

We challenge young and old, big and small, to build the highest tower out of electricity-conducting and non-conducting building blocks, so that electricity still flows on the top floor and the light is on - based on the game "Jenga".

11 - 12 May 2023 | in Rust at the Europapark

Curious? Then just drop by!