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Public Relations

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Our PR Team



Stefanie Kuhl

Phone +49 761 203 4710
Email: stefanie.kuhl (at)
Room No. 00 022
Office hours: Mon + Thur 9 am - 4 pm
                      Wed 10 am - 4 pm
                      Tue + Fri 9 am - 12 pm

Angela Thie

Phone +49 761 203 4713
Email: angela.thie (at)
Room No. 00 026
Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 8 am - 3 pm

Anja Gössel

Anja Gössel

Phone +49 761 203 4706
Email: anja.goessel (at)
Room No. 00 050
Office hours: Di 8 - 13 Uhr



Find our experts to the following topics here:


"Hybrid Materials and Structures, Lightweight"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Balle

Email: frank.balle(at)

"Detector technology and integrated materials"

Prof. Dr. Michael Fiederle

Email: michael.fiederle(at)

"Bio/Chemosensors, Nanomaterials "

Prof. Dr. Gerald Urban

Email: gerald.urban(at)



"Material research" - PR-Team (pr(at)


For all other topics contact the expert services of the University Freiburg directly.



Annual reports FMF

Annual reports since 2002

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Brochures about the Freiburger Material research center

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Our news archive right to the latest news

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