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Project groups

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The FMF project groups carry out practical interdisciplinary basic research in the fields of new materials and new technologies. The research in the project groups expresses the FMF Freiburg's core competencies in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, polymer science, medicine, renewable energy technology and microsystems technology. At present, the FMF research network is organized into ten project groups:


Multifunctional and programmable polymer systems and sustainable materials

Functional interfaces

Digital fabricaton by multi-materials additive manufacturing - The Freiburg 3D-Printing Alliance

Materials design inspired by Nature

Micro-, Nano- and detector-technology

Simulation and modelling of complex material systems

Carbon dioxide conversion, Biopolymers and bio-based materials for circular flow economy and climate protection

Catalysis for sustainable processing

Functional materials for harvesting and storage of renewable energy

Materialsystems for health care





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