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Process technology

Welcome to the pages of the Service Group “Process technology” headed by Prof. Dr. Bastian Rapp and Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Friedrich.


We cooperate with University facilities, institutes and the industry.


Focus areas


Rheological measurements are performed on:

  • Homopolymers (linear and branched)
  • Polymer blends, non-mixable and mixable, compatibilization, dynamics of block copolymers in interfaces
  • Filled polymers and nanocomposites
  • Bioorganic materials
  • Heterogeneous network structures


Solution of unsolved rheological problems:

  • Determination of distribution functions (e.g. particle size distribution in polymer blends or molar mass distribution of homopolymers) from rheological measurements in these substance systems Application of rheological constitutive equations on the basis of fractals
  • Rheological constitutive equations based on the dynamics of fractals
  • Rheological constitutive equations with fractional derivatives


Mechanical analysis of polymers

  • Determination of elasticity modules and phase transitions (TG) by means of dynamic mechanical analysis, tension-extension and three-point bending tests
  • Notched bar impact tests according to Izod and Sharpy


Functional processing

  • Extrusion of granulated materials and powders with the options of liquid dosing, gravimetric dosing and side feeder function
  • Processing of polymers with kneaders, roller plant and heated vacuum press








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