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Film line goes into operation

IMG_1396[1].JPGWith the Advanced Foil Processing Center (AFPC), the University of Freiburg, in cooperation between the Freiburg Materials Research Centre (FMF), the Freiburg Centre for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies (FIT) and the Cluster of Excellence Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems (livMatS), has established one of the most modern flexible processing centres for foils in roll-to-roll format. At the AFPC, films can be extruded, structured and coated directly from pellets - in a continuous roll-to-roll format.

The entire range of modern thermoplastics are available as materials, as well as biogenic and compostable materials and, as an in-house development at the University of Freiburg, glass using Glassomer technology.  The AFPC closes an important technology gap between material-oriented basic sciences and industrial application, enabling material innovations to be scaled up and the material systems developed in basic research to be optimised in industrial production processes. This makes industrial utilisation of material innovations easier and more cost-effective.

The AFPC was financed with funds from the EU REACT / ERDF programme (European Regional Development Fund as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic).