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Sustainable Materials, Biopolymers and bio-based materials


1Future-oriented are new carbon dioxide-neutral and energy-saving technologies in many areas, for example in the production of plastics. Scientists at the FMF have succeeded in converting limonene oxide with carbon dioxide in one process without using any solvents. Limonene is a natural substance that is extracted from orange peels which are a byproduct of orange juice production. The new process enables the production of environmentally friendly, petroleum-free plastics based on renewable raw materials and CO₂.

Carbon dioxide is used for the synthesis of methanol: At the FMF, a new process for the production of methanol has been developed in which CO₂ and hydrogen are used. Methanol would be a possible environmentally friendly gasoline substitute. The aim is to store CO₂ as a bulk chemical and to include it in the recovery cycle.


Current research topics are:
  • Organic solar cells
  • Methanol synthesis from carbon dioxide and hydrogen
  • Polymers made from carbon dioxide and renewable

      raw materials, e.g. limonene, rapeseed oil

  • Resource-efficient processes and “green chemistry”
  • Tannin-based rigid foams and adhesives
  • Biobased nanocoatings for paper applications