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Functional interfaces



Apart from the conventional processing of polymers by means of injection moulding, extrusion, casting, (electro-)spinning and coating, new processing methods are developed at the FMF together with Institute of Micro Systems Engineering (IMTEK) which do not require moulds. Using layer-by-layer printing or imprinting and laminating flms, complex functional systems are produced. The novel manufacturing methods signifcantly reduce the number of process steps required in comparison with conventional operating procedures and thus simplify the production of functional systems. For this purpose a thorough understanding of the rheological properties essential for the moulding process is necessary. These developments are associated with new surface and nanostructuring procedures combining conventional (“top-down”) moulding e.g. with self-organizing processes during processing („bottom-up“).


Current research topics are:

  • Film/printing technology for functional flms and fexible (micro)systems
  • Polyelectrolyte spray and printing technology
  • Rheology and coupled methods
  • Nanolithography