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Research Group Matrix Print


Dorothea Helmer

The NanoMat Futur Research Group “MatrixPrint” of Dr. Dorothea Helmer researches new materials and 3D printing.

In classic production processes, parts are mostly fabricated by subtractive machining, i.e. through removal of material from larger material blocks – this leads to a large amount of waste. 3D printing promises major advantages for production processes of the future: less waste through layer-by-layer fabrication, individual designs and complex structures.

Completely free printing in three dimensions is still a problem today: complex designs require printing of supporting structures, which have to be consecutively removed after printing. Due to the layer-by-layer printing process, printed structures are often rough and have to be post-processed and smoothened.



Spirale or kein UV Fancy Matrix Print Dorothea Helmer

The research of Dr. Helmer therefore focusses on volumetric 3D printing, where various materials such as glass, polymer and metal are printed into reusable supporting matrices. The materials are introduced into the gel matrix by a thin needle. The matrix supports the printed structures, so that the prints remain in place without printed supporting structures. The MatrixPrint technology allows for making complex 3D structures of various materials and special structures such as blood vessels.







Photo: Spirale MatrixPrint


Jellyfish V2 Matrix Print Dorothea Helmer

Photo: Jellyfish MatrixPrint 

Dorothea Helmer 3D Druck Design Nanotinte MatrixPrint Imtek

Photo: 3D Print Nanotink MatrixPrint
All Photos: Dorothea Helmer, © IMTEK